Win2k3 and HPT366 Controller

OS / Drivers / BIOS
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Post by hyperspace » Sun May 11, 2003 12:42 pm

Try installing to the drive connected to IDE1 or IDE2. After you have completed the installation, move the drive to IDE3 or IDE4. That may solve your problem.
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Post by iSDn » Mon May 12, 2003 12:43 pm


Do you get a blue screen, or does the computer reboot itself ??


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Post by Derek » Mon May 12, 2003 1:14 pm

Dying Capacitors

(My, I love that answer :))

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Post by Derek » Mon May 12, 2003 1:47 pm

bisk wrote:You think so? Can this be fixed myself or is the board toast?
Can be fixed by yourself, but first take a look at them to be sure they're the culprits. You’re looking for bulging or leaking capacitors.

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Post by Freak » Mon Jul 07, 2003 10:06 am

Sorry to say this but, just buy a new ata133 controller card and save yourself all the trouble. I, like yourself, went to my computer with a sledge-hammer each time I tried to install any OS of the NT variation (NT,2K,XP and now 2003 or .NET).

I did and never looked back. Now all OS's work, load and detect all my hard drives. Plus the French benifits of having RAID and ATA133 not ATA66.

But I simpathis as I was one of you and will offer all I know about the age old task of installing WinS##T NT anything in my computer.

Note: It was a while since I've done this, so all the details my not be clear. The OS I using this method to install was Win2K and WinXP but should work with any NT OS.

1. Download HPT366 Device Driver v1.28 beta from "" and unzip it to a floppy

2. Download "BP6 Modified RU - Roby 2" from " ..." and flash your Bios

3. Unplug all hard drives from your computer except your OS hard drive connected on ether IDE1/2/3 or 4, but if the OS hard drive is greater then 80Gb then connect it to IDE1/2 not IDE3/4.

Note: This size maybe smaller, but I could only test with my new 80Gb, but during my readings in these forums, only those with 80Gb or more seemed to have any trouble.

4. Insert your WinS##T NT any disk in your cd-rom drive and boot from it.

Note: You my need to change some BIOS settings to boot from the cd-rom, but it's the writers impression you know this and will not be added.

5. When asked by windows, press "F6" so you can specify additional drivers for you "HPT366" controller.

6. Load the drivers from floppy disk. If your hard drive does not register try the HPT366 Device Driver v1.25 drivers from "" and your OS drive should register.

7. Install WinS##T NT any to your computer.

8. Once installed, update the "HPT366" controller drivers to the HPT366 Device Driver v1.25 drivers from "" before attaching the other hard drives to your computer A.K.A to your IDE3/4 connecter.

9. Shut-down your computer and connect the other hard drives the your IDE3/4 connecter.

10. Turn your computer on and pray.

Note: The order of which driver I used first is unclear, so if your OS drive does not detect under the HPT366 Device Driver v1.28 beta drivers during the installation, then use HPT366 Device Driver v1.25 and change these drivers to HPT366 Device Driver v1.28 beta after installation.

As for "Bisk":

1. Unplug all drivers from your IDE3/4 connecter

2. Boot into Win2003 and update your drivers to HPT366 Device Driver v1.25 drivers from "".

3. Restart computer and flash your bios to "BP6 Modified RU - Roby 2" from " ..."

4. Shut-down your computer and attach your hard drives the IDE3/4.

5. Turn on and pray.

Note: If those drivers don't work try this method but with the HPT366 Device Driver v1.28 beta from "" instead.

Note: Before attempting any of this make sure you have the current "HPT366 drivers" that work with your computer avalible on a floppy disk as well as the current bios version that works.

!!!!: Trying this may render your computer inoperative and lead you to having to reinstall your OS again. It worked for me and maybe you too, so I take no responsibility for any hardware failure or data loss.

Sorry I could not be more specific, but I hope this helps out.

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Post by Derek » Mon Jul 07, 2003 6:38 pm

I successfully installed Win2K3 Server edition on my BP6 machine using a Promise Ultra100 TX2 IDE controller card.

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Post by RRLedford » Wed Jul 09, 2003 1:58 am

All messages on HPt366 should be one line - do not use it!

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Post by BCN » Mon Sep 08, 2003 1:16 am

Exactly! just seal those HPT666 IDE ports! :twisted:
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