wot can u really do with this mobo

OS / Drivers / BIOS
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Post by 24seven » Wed Nov 12, 2003 6:09 am

Hi, you could use it as a file server. If you want ata100/133 or scsi then get an adapter card to let you use them.

I currently use mine as a file server, but with linux not windows 2003.

or maybe there is someone out there interested in making me an offer!
I may be intrested in them...

[Edit:Im sure I answerd this last night, but the post has gone?]

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Post by Derek » Wed Nov 12, 2003 3:59 pm

My BP6 machine is running as a fileserver/SETI cruncher. I installed a promise ATA100 FastTrak controller and it's really performing well.

It's running two Celeron 466s@540MHz and 384Megs of RAM.

I’m still looking through my pile of old RAM sticks for three 256 meg sticks so I can top off the BP6 :)

Edit: I thought I saw your post too, David?

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