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Ulysses And DoubleDawg - Handy Utilities

Post by InactiveX » Tue Aug 17, 2004 3:26 am

I have just discovered some useful software that may be of interest to BP6.com people. Ulysses is a utility that monitor the various subsystems of PCs, and will be of use in discovering where bottlenecks are occuring. DoubleDawg can be used to manually set the PCI latencies of devices. Here is a description in the author's own words:
Mark Knutson wrote:I have developed a couple of freeware programs, Ulysses and PCI Dawg. These only work with windows 2000 and XP systems--probably 2003 server as well.

The philosophy behind the ulysses performance monitor is to display performance metrics that help identify parts of the system that are stressed. By stressed I mean that they are close to or beyond they point where they can keep up with the workload, and hence lead to the system failure known as gapping or stuttering.

This kind of thing helps identify more specifically what part of the system could be upgraded to improve performance.

Too often I had purchased overall upgrades, or upgraded components that were not really the bottleneck. I sought to develop a more focussed approach.

For example, Pro Tools, LE was giving the familiar "system held of on interrupts for too long" error on my laptop. I thought that getting a new hard drive would help--and almost bought one. By looking at the actual performance I found that the hard disk was only 2% utilized, and hence was not at all a constraint. In this case, I needed to reduce the pci latency setting of the video card and unplug the wireless network card, and the system became much more stable.

PCI Dawg is a program which allows you to reduce the pci latency setting of devices, particularly the video agp, that cause gapping by hogging pci bus resources.

The URL is: http://www.mark-knutson.com/technique_to_target_inc/
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