For Sale: Working BP6 board. $60 plus shipping.

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For Sale: Working BP6 board. $60 plus shipping.

Post by wernst » Sat Jun 12, 2004 1:43 am


Well, I was planning on reusing mybeloved BP6 board for a server or something, but I've since acquired a 1.4G PIII system for free and am using it instead. So therefore, I have a BP6 for sale.

It is a 1.0 board. None of the caps are bulging, and the board was working great when I boxed it up one and a half years ago. When I first got it, it was running a C366 @550 as my primary system. Later I used a Powerleap adapter to run a 600 Coppermine Celeron @ 900 and change. In both cases, the computer was spot-on reliable.

As I said, I was hoping to work with it again, but honestly, I don't have the time, so I am offering it for sale for $60 plus shipping from southern California. It comes with the original box, book, CD, and a few floppies with the HPT driver and a UDMA driver for Win98.

I don't log into this site regularly any more, so please email me at warren at warrenernst dot com if you are interested.


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