CNN Interviews Linus Torvalds

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CNN Interviews Linus Torvalds

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Here's a great interview with Linus. You get a good sense about what Linux means to Linus and how the project all came together. Certainly Linux is bigger than anything he could have imagined when he wrote the first few lines many years ago. He definitely sees a future for the project; however, he takes care not to look too far into the future. He's the type of guy that tales it "one day at a time".

Here's a quote from a part of the interview:
Linus Torvalds wrote:I didn't start thinking I want to give out the source code. What I started doing, already at that point I was 21, I was at Helsinki University and for half my life I'd been doing programming. All the projects I'd ever done had been projects for my own enjoyment -- technical challenges, but also to just solve issues that I had. And Linux really was nothing different from that. So open source was not really a conscious decision of "I want to make this open source." To a large degree open source was just a way to allow others to look at this and say, "Hey, this is what I've done -- I'm proud of this."
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