dual ATX mod

Cool cases? Different resistors? More airflow? Show us...
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not to wake the dead posts but..

i attempted this mod a long time ago with some spare PSU's.. unfortunately i no longer possess that system.. but..

Im gonna do it again!

i will be using a coolmax 550W and a some off brand 350W to power my phenom 9500 system..

reason being i had a 430W and it died here recently.. and it wasn't until after i added a 3rd drive to the already power hungry system.. so a total of 800W should keep it fed nicely for some time to come wouldn't you think?

Derek i know you're gonna demand some pix so here's what i'll propose.. i will send you some pix via TXT and you can post em for me hows that sound?

i will do what few dare \o/ !!
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Post by Derek »

^ You read my mind :) Send me the pics when you have a chance.
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