Three BP6's on ebay (UK)

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Three BP6's on ebay (UK)

Post by 24seven »

Was looking on ebay and stumbled upon these, thought some people might be intrested. ... eName=WDVW ... eName=WDVW ... 30915&rd=1

Havent checked feedback for any of the sellers, so I'm not saying that they are a must get, just pointing them out.

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Post by phaedrus »

Here's another interesting one that I stumbled on: ... RK:MEWA:IT

Looks like it's been modded to use PIIIs, and comes with 2 PIII 700s. I sent him a couple questions (he didn't know it had to be modded to work with PIIIs), and told him he should be careful since the mods can be pretty delicate and could break when shipped.

Could be a good way to get into the BP6 + PIII game for those who don't like attacking beloved mobos with soldering irons.

From squinting at the picture presented, it doesn't have any obvious signs of modification, so it might need a little work to get it stable with the PIIIs. This probably also means that the PIII mod used is the Neo S370 mod.

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They said... and now my BP6 needs new processors... D'oh
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