fixing bad caps

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fixing bad caps

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my Uncle was given a system that had died.
I looked at it, opened the side, went UGH!!!

it was an old-ish Soltek SL-75FRV board and every large capacitor was bulged or oozed, 23 caps all around the board
what a sight, not much hope for that sucker

I brushed and vacuumed it but I think it was still dead

I changed it out for a spare giga-byte i had lying around
but it needed a newer psu as well.
the one that it came to me with would power it up, and the cd-roms but not the hdd
and the onboard sound was 'absent'

but a newer psu fixed all that and i was going to be happy

but my pushy friend suggested he wanted to have a go at capping the soltek
and as i was going to not care about it anyway, i said ok
found a caps supplier, got 23 caps

now, I've found that not only the uf and v ratings matter but the physical size does to
three of the caps were 10mm x about 20 something tall
but i could only get
13mm by 15-ish tall
it looks weird and frankensteinish, with three cantered over in a dying silo stack to get them to fit, but after a whole day of careful removal, cleaning holes, trying to remember which of the 18 available holes the 14 caps had to go in (must mark them before you take them out)
and fingers crossed, it was finished, and dang, it works.

so I'm impressed that it's doable, and that I managed to assist in getting it done.

because, i have a dual xeon Tyan that needs doing.
which has different caps, wider and not so tall, overall
but none blown at the top
all lifted at the bottom, a little bit. looks like skirts lifting over the holding board they wrap around.
maybe have to do some serious searching for a caps supplier of odd shapes.
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